Cat. F3 Gigante Gold-Color

The Cigarman

Meer info over de Gigante Gold-Color:
Artikel nummer: FC38-19-1
Netto kruitgewicht: 718 gram
Aantal schoten: 19 shots cake.
Bijzonderheden: Cat 3.
Effect beschrijving:
19 Shots cakebox "Gigante Gold-Color", Cal. 38mm, ca. 33 seconds, 718g NEC, CE category F3, ADR 1.3G, Packing 4/1

19 Shots battery in caliber 38mm, with gold golden tails to gold effects change to color tips, combined with strobe stars, and final salvo of titanium salutes.

1.) Brocade tail to Brocade crown change to red tips with white strobe
2.) Corolla tail to Corolla change to blue tips with red strobe
3.) Gold titanium tail to Gold titanium willow change to violet tips with green strobe
Final Salvo:
Silver tail to titanium salute

Sadly the only one of the "Gigante"-Cakes, which turned out quite well. The tails are to the top, strong bursts, quite even shapes of the effects, long hangtime - most things are fine here.
Only the brocade crown stars burn to short, those were not according to our new formula yet, but nontheless a nice cake in my opinion.
This was the last cakebox at that evening when we filmed it, we had to stop shooting because it was to late already, and I told my colleagues, that it is not so loud - it´s a little weird that my grin didn´t already make them suspicious ;)