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Pyromusical Sueca 2006 @ RICASA


Registered User
Hello "Amigos" !!!!

The Last weekend, go to sueca, to see the traditionel pyromusical shoot by RicaS.A..Here the setup is suitable, The spectators go inside the soccer stadium (of small dimensions and with only step of platform), where only there place themselves old pyroeffects of progressive and fire, of the littles scope, and where the major and progressive calibres of monoshots out of the field. To a prudential distance, that to say of ricardo caballer, he is a specialist in this type of spectacles, and this year us sorpresed with the progressive ones of the static fires (one see for the first time in Tarragona 2006) and with varied effects very well synchronized with the music.

The Movie:
Pyromusical Sueca @ RICAS.A.
File : wmv
Size :200Mb
Duration :23 min

The Photos of setup and show by Amigos de la Pirotecnia:
Photos Of Setup
Photos of Show
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Bronzen Member
Just magnificent. video would have been even better at a higher distance, but this was allready GREAT to watch, thnx! :)


Registered User
I think this is the sharpest film till so far....
Write the settings on paper please en use it again.
Film is perfect.

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This is Ricardo Caballer Jr at his best. 3 years ago i have seen a pyromusical from him at the same place in the stadium and at the time it was already good but know it all has been perfected...Well done meastro.


Registered User
Whooo, what a nice show:p , its a very kikkuh feeling to hear the people scream from emotion, and see a final like that...
TOPshow, thnx for sharing,

Grttz TB;)


Today i decided to watch this show again and i need to say it. It is really amazing. The begin theme (Starwars) is really outerspace. Many silver effects like the go getters combinated with the saturnshells you really get the feeling that you are seeying a episode of Star Wars..

For the rest of the show please see it yourselff. Its really worthy..


Now i understand Tony why you decided to watch this show again.
I did,nt seen this show before. Thanks for the attention.
One of best pyromusicals i have ever seen before.
Magnificient combination of fireworks with music.
Constantly full heaven with shining effects.
I cant define al the effects but that is not necessary.
I just enjoyed the show and that,s where it,s all about.

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