Pirotecnia Vulcano schiet met Oud&Nieuw 4 shows (met 2.000kg kruit totaal) in Valencia.


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Niet dat er waarschijnlijk ook maar iemand van deze website met Oud & Nieuw in Valencia zal zijn, maar wel mooi om te lezen dat Valencia zo investeert in 4 gelijktijdige shows op verschillende plaatsen in de stad!

Valencia prepares the biggest fireworks show for New Year's Eve that will illuminate the entire city
Vulcano Pyrotechnics will be in charge of firing two thousand kilos of gunpowder in four different locations in the city

The mayor of Valencia, María José Catalá, has announced that the City Council has prepared "a great fireworks show on New Year's Eve that will fill the city with light and color so that Valencians can enjoy the festival of gunpowder from anywhere".

The name of the show is 'Vulcano Magia' because of the power and variety of effects since, taking into account the launching areas, innovative friezes and facades never seen to date have been designed.

These are four fireworks displays that will go off at the same time in four different locations. Specifically, on the roof of the Town Hall and in the riverbed at the height of the Bus Station, the Serrano Towers and the City of Arts.

The Pirotecnica Vulcano of Turís (Sidenote: voor zover ik weet komt Vulcano uit omgeving Madrid, niet uit Turís.) will be in charge of firing two thousand kilos of gunpowder in a coordinated manner through GPS control technology with a maximum caliber of 125 mm.

In addition, there will be a party in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. A concert with the best Valencian DJs will liven up the party until the chimes arrive. «When the clock reaches twelve the pyrotechnician will press play to fire the four castles at the same time. “All of Valencia will be completely illuminated,” said the mayor.

Three nativity scenes and a new Christmas tree in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento

As announced, for this Christmas the City Council has increased the budget for lighting and decoration by 45%. This will increase lighting and expand the decorated areas, streets and neighborhoods of the city, with new decorations and more festive atmosphere. In addition, the lights will be switched on earlier than last year and the Nativity scene will return to the Town Hall Square.

Also notable is the Christmas decoration of all the municipal markets, the reinforcement of the lighting and decoration of the Colón Market and the decoration of the façade of the Town Hall. For the first time, 71,000 euros are allocated to lighting municipal markets. As far as street lighting is concerned, this year the Valencia City Council will install a total of 225 luminous arches in 40 streets.

In addition, 20 illuminated Bon Nadal signs will be placed in different locations, including the districts of Valencia, as well as a total of 19 Christmas trees in as many districts of the city.

To these elements we must add the new Christmas tree in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, which imitates a natural tree, 20 meters high, decorated with balls and gift boxes, as well as lights and Christmas music. This new Christmas tree will contribute to giving greater emphasis to the Town Hall Square and its surroundings, with a more natural appearance than last year's LED lights.

Bron: https://7televalencia.com/valencia-espectaculo-pirotecnico-fin-ano/ (Op de website zelf kan je ook nog een kaartje zien waarop de locaties van de 4 shows aangegeven staan.)