Combermere Firework Champions


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I know it's not the done thing to blow your own trumpet - but sod it!

Last weekend we took part in our very first competition - and WON!!

The competition is an invitational event with each team firing a musical display of approx 10 minutes with a weight limit of 130kg NEQ.
There were a few mistakes through the display but given the poor weather (it rained all day) I think the crew did a superb job in rigging the display and we were well chuffed with how the display went, winning was the icing on the cake :)

We managed to grab some video footage Spyrotechnics at Combermere Fireworks - was a little difficult to get everything in shot at the distance the audience was however I think Rik (cameraman) did a good job :)

We are a young company, we took a lot from the event and look forward to taking part in our next competition :)

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