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Carmine Lieto (Daylight Show)


Website Filmer
A good show of this firm!
"Bombe da Tiro" that they work well enough, "Fermate" simple without nothing of detail and a very noisy final but a little messy , especially in the last part, when the final hold has departed late in comparison to the rest of the discharge, leaving a small void. A show however all added good!
The Budget for this show is €5.000

Duration: 8 minutes and 40 seconds
Size: 22 Mb
File: wmv

The PHOTOGALLERY of Novoli 2007
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gracie Fuokista!

One question, do you have a new camcorder or did you find the right settings?
That auto focus problem seems to be gone.

Awesome to follow the path that those multi break shells take and what comes out of it.
I love those ring salutes