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    The Letter Of Bidding Invitation For A Set Of Music Fireworks Performance Equipment

    China Colorday Electronic Science &Technology Co.,Ltd. is planning to purchase a set of equipment for music fireworks performance based on the business requirement .The following is the specific information: A. Equipment Requirements ............ Please browse the details throught the...
  2. F

    How do you choreograph fireworks to live music?

    Here you can post comments for article: How do you choreograph fireworks to live music?
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    The 8th Shanghai International Music Fireworks Festival

    (News from fireworkstown)Shanghai International Music Fireworks Festival is organized around National Day and has been held since the year 2000. The Music Fireworks Festival in 2000 was the first time that such an event was being staged in Asia. Shanghai International Music Fireworks Festival...
  4. Tony

    Swedish music firework championships 2007 at Norrkoping

    Tomas from Sweden has filmed for us a festival of fireworks on music. His review of this festival can be found't here: Norrkoping 2007 There are 4 movies: 5051123 5050991 5051126 5051129
  5. Tony

    Swedish Fireworks on music Championchips 2007

    Tomas uit Zweden heeft een review geschreven over dit festival: Review Sweden 2007
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    Spring Music

    Meer informatie over Spring MusicImporteurBeko VuurwerkCollectieOverigArtikel nummer2824Advies verkoopprijs€ Oude prijzenNetto kruitgewicht gramKarton eenheidAantal schoten10Effect beschrijvingRode en groene sterren en draaiende zilverspinnersLaatste wijziging: 15/10/2012[/B[/tr Klik...
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    Help with Music for Fireworks

    In the following video, the pyrotechnics company used a "techno" musical countdown to begin the show...I was wondering if anyone knows if it was a custom music creation or part of an existing song by some musical group? It would be great if someone here new the company who did this shoot. If...
  8. Tony

    Event to feature rides, music and fireworks

    Posted by the Asbury Park Press on 09/27/06 HOWELL: The township Parks and Recreation Department has scheduled the annual Howell Day Festival for Oct. 7 at Oak Glen Park. The event runs from noon until the nighttime fireworks. Games, music, free rides, vendors and food will be available. The...

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